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Read the following text and solve the tasks based solely on the information in it.

Text k úlohám 1 až 6

Bangladeshi man missing for 23 years returns home

Moslemuddin Sarkar, 52, arrived back in Dhaka on Tuesday, a day after being freed from a Pakistani jail with the help of the Red Cross. His family lost contact after Mr Sarkar left for India in search of work in 1989. Years later, he ended up in Pakistan, where he was arrested. He says he was beaten and tortured in his subsequent 15 years in prison. "I requested that embassy officials send me back to Bangladesh but no one listened to me," he told the BBC. "I suffered a lot in the prison and was crying for help. But no one came to my rescue. Still I don't understand why I was kept in jail for such a long time. At last, I am back with my family and I feel great."

There were emotional scenes when Mr Sarkar was welcomed by relatives at Dhaka airport, the BBC's Anbarasan Ethirajan reports from Bangladesh. A younger brother, Julhas Uddin, told the AFP news agency that Mr Sarkar's mother "passed out as he hugged her" after returning to his home village. "It was a heartbreaking scene. He could not control his tears for hours," Julhas Uddin said. A dockworker at the port of Chittagong, Mr Sarkar says he illegally crossed the border to India in 1989 in search of better opportunities, without telling his family. "We searched for him for years and finally gave up hope believing he might have drowned in the sea. But our mother always believed that her son would return home one day," Julhas Uddin said.

In 1997, he was caught trying to enter Pakistan without valid travel documents, spending the next 15 years in prisons in Lahore and Karachi. He told the BBC he was completely cut off from the world during that time. "I went to Pakistan believing that I would get a better job there. But they caught me at the border," he told AFP. "I wrote dozens of letters to my village address, but did not have any clue that they were never posted. At one stage I lost all hope of returning home." His fate reportedly came to light when Pakistan sent a list of long-serving Bangladeshi prisoners to consular officials, who informed Mr Sarkar's family. They in turn appealed to the International Committee of the Red Cross, who facilitated his release.

(BBC:Bangladeshi man missing for 23 years returns home. BBC News online, 2012)

1. Moslemuddin went to India in order to ______.

2. When Moslemuddin was in prison, he asked to be ______.

3. Moslemuddin's mother ______ when he returned home.

4. Moslemuddin ______ after returning to his village.

5. ______ was convinced that one day Moslemuddin would come back.

6. While Moslemuddin was in jail, he was ______ his correspondence being held up.

In each of the following tasks, choose the best answer or fill in the gap with the most suitable word or phrase from the options offered.

7. What he said to her was mean and spiteful.

In the context of the sentence above, the word "mean" is closest in meaning to _____ .

8. The President condemned the financial reform enacted by his predecessor.

In the context of the sentence above, the word "condemned" is closest in meaning to _____.

9. Choose the most appropriate expression to complete the gap:

A: I tried to convince him, but he did not change his mind.

B: I know. He is so ______.

10. Choose the most appropriate reply:

A: It's really chilly outside!

B: ______

11. What should you do if someone has a stroke?

12. What is the most likely subject of a newspaper article with the following heading?

Elected by secret ballot.

13. Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt the cathedral after the fire, ______?

14. If I ______ more time studying, my results would be better.

15. He is just so annoying! I can't put ______ with his behaviour anymore.

16. She was watching a football match when he suddenly ______ the door.

17. Ladies and gentlemen, please, ______ attention to what I say!

18. I was quite afraid ______ the exam.

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